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Most Albuquerque House Sellers Don’t Know They Can Sell Without Listing On The Market…

The traditional way of selling a house in the Albuquerque, NM area looks like this.

  1. You hit the internet to see what your house is worth
  2. You ask your friend or family member if they have a local Albuquerque real estate agent they like
    (but deep down you really don’t want to list it and deal with the hassles of open houses, having people walk through your house, buyers pulling out last minute, or paying real estate agent commissions)
  3. Because you didn’t know of any other options, you list your house… only to have closings fall through on the last minute, the buyers financing pull out, or any number of reasons that a traditional home sale can sometimes cause stress and frustration.
  4. After selling, you subtract the mortgage payments you paid while you were waiting for it to close, the real estate agent’s commissions, and the stress from the hassle… and you’re left thinking…

There has to be another way to sell my house more easily and faster

We Offer A Better Solution To Sell Your Indiana House Fast!

Our process is simple…

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Due to life events, I had to sell my house that was still under renovations. I contacted Enlight Homebuyers and they offered to help the same day they met with me at my house. In just a few weeks, I was sitting at the title company closing on the house. Huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and the entire process was quick and smooth not to mention I got exactly what I asked for in price. I wasn’t burdened with the worry of an unfinished house sitting on the market for who knows how long. The office personnel were a joy to work with. They kept constant communication and updates on top of being a nice friendly bunch that were fun to do business with. If you need to get out of your house with no hassle, definitely contact this office. I would not only recommend someone that is in a similar situation that I was in but a house that’s ready to sell.

John P
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